TITANIC 3D Family Movie Review

REVIEW (GRADE: B) Like Avatar, director James Cameron’s other box-office giant, Titanic was a pop-culture phenomenon that mixed technical precision with oversimplified characterizations, artistic grandeur with merely average storytelling. It’s a very good film towards which excessive backlash was directed because it was heralded as an exceptional one. Though the supporting characters are broadly w ...[Read More]

salmon fishing in the yemen


SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN REVIEW (GRADE: A-) This delightful little romantic dramedy came and went last year without much fanfare, but it’s well worth discovering now that you can watch it at home. The story finds a fishing expert (Ewan McGregor) and a consultant (Emily Blunt) teaming up to realize a sheik’s vision of bringing salmon fishing to the harsh desert climate of the Middle East, ...[Read More]

the vow

THE VOW Family Movie Review

REVIEW (Grade: A-) Your enjoyment of The Vow will depend entirely upon your taste when it comes to bittersweet, tear-jerking love stories. If you don’t like them, nothing here will convert you. Being something of a romantic myself, I must concede that this film does very well what it sets out to do. Rachel McAdams, who is becoming the modern queen of this genre, brings a fine balance of char ...[Read More]

THE ARTIST Family Movie Review

THE ARTIST Family Movie Review

  THE ARTIST REVIEW (Grade: A) I apologize for the delayed review of this film, but it only just barely made its way to my town. A modern silent film in the style of classic Hollywood, The Artist hearkens back to the days of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, an era when comedy and emotion were conveyed purely through physical acting, and human movement was the only special effect needed. If ...[Read More]



By Jonathan Decker (family therapist, film critic) Is there a plan for each of our lives? If we need to be in a certain place at a certain time for higher purposes to be fulfilled, does that mean we have no choice in the matter? Who really determines our destiny? These are some of the heady existential questions explored in the new romantic sci-fi/fantasy thriller The Adjustment Bureau, starring M ...[Read More]

jane eyre

JANE EYRE Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (family therapist, film critic) Masterful cinematography and fine performances highlight this new adaptation, a gorgeously atmospheric love story that is, unfortunately, drug down a few notches by choppy storytelling and a central romance that needs more room to breathe and develop. Playing like a darker and more tragic version of a Jane Austen story, the film absolutely nails t ...[Read More]

no reservations

NO RESERVATIONS Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) The Gist Charming little romantic dramedy breaks no new ground, but wins major points for not pandering to melodrama, but instead giving its audience an honest, touching, and uplifting little story. Remake of the Italian film Mostly Martha. ***1/2 (out of five) Rated PG (mild language and innuendo). Rent or buy it here.  The Full Scoop I am convin ...[Read More]