TANGLED Family Movie Review

TANGLED Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic)

Easily the best non-Pixar Disney animated film of the past decade, Tangled instantly joins the ranks (alongside The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, and The Emperor’s New Groove) of modern animated classics from the studio and represents a return to form for the Mouse House. This update of the Rapunzel story is sentimental (in the best way) and energizes the tired “princess story” template with stunning animation, catchy songs from Oscar-winner Alan Menken, and a solid sense of humor. Utterly charming; my wife and brother-in-law, neither of whom are huge fans of this genre, both enjoyed it very much. Language and innuendo are non-existent, though animated slapstick violence might be a concern for parents of very small children who imitate what they see. GRADE: A

CONTENT OVERVIEW: There’s some comic slapstick violence. A young man is stabbed in a more serious scene (we see no blood and he’s saved). There are a few kisses.

MESSAGES TO DISCUSS: No matter what your past, you can change and be a better person.

For another first-rate princess tale after Tangled, I recommend Ever After!

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