Day: October 25, 2011

puss in boots

PUSS IN BOOTS Family Movie Review

REVIEW (GRADE: B-)  If Puss In Boots seems like a money-grabbing attempt to capitalize on the successful (if out-of-steam) Shrek franchise, it is. But for an unnecessary spin-off featuring a former supporting character, it's actually pretty good. Though the character, who is essentially an animated version of Banderas' own Zorro portrayal, is not as fresh and funny as he was in his debut in Shrek ...[Read More]

rick stevenson

Rick Stevenson: Capturing Latter-day Saints Through a Protestant Lens

Debuting between General Conference sessions and a hit on BYU-TV, Rick Stevenson’s entertaining and engaging documentary Two Brothers follows a pair of Latter-Day Saint youth (the director’s nephews) across ten years of their lives, capturing heartbreak, inspiration, tragedy, and triumph along the way. The first in a series of films that will display the lives of adolescents as they mature through ...[Read More]

two brothers

TWO BROTHERS Family Movie Review

TWO BROTHERS: THE 5000 DAYS PROJECT REVIEW (GRADE: A-) In a time when a prominent pastor has stirred up the nation by labeling The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints “a cult,” leave it to another Protestant deliver the most compelling argument for the Christianity of Mormons and their faith. With Two Brothers, documentary filmmaker Rick Stevenson launches the decade-in-the-making 5000 Day ...[Read More]

mighty macs

THE MIGHTY MACS Family Movie Review

THE MIGHTY MACS REVIEW (GRADE: C) Bogged down by an abundance of sports-movie cliches, occasionally flat dialogue, and uneven direction, the women's basketball drama The Mighty Macs nevertheless succeeds as family entertainment thanks to its sincerity and strong acting by its lead players. Telling the true story of a down-on-its luck Catholic women's college in the 1970's, the film is anchored by ...[Read More]