“24” is Back! Prepare with my Family-Friendly Parodies

“24” is Back! Prepare with my Family-Friendly Parodies

Jack Bauer returns tonight in 24: Live Another Day, a revival miniseries set in London. The first few episodes have been getting solid reviews, suggesting that this is a return to the brilliance of the show's earlier seasons.

When I was a student at Brigham Young University, I was a die-hard fan of the show. At the time I was single and had time to make movies with my friends. Three of these films (29, 29: Day Two, and CTU: Provo) constitute what I call the “Bauer Up Trilogy.”

These aren't your rinky-dink 24 fan films. These are ambitious, action-packed comedies. The 29 films attracted 900 people to their packed-house screening on BYU campus, while  CTU: Provo ran in several film festivals and co-starred Donny Osmond as a villain.

You can watch these films, along with their trailers, outtakes, and making-of documentaries, online on YouTube. The 29 films can be watched HERE while CTU: Provo can be found HERE. The former are appropriate for all ages while the latter is fine for older children/young teens and up.


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