run the race

Family Review: RUN THE RACE is Cliched, But Well-Acted, Christian Drama

By Trina Boice WHAT’S IT ABOUT?      This faith-based football drama (produced by NFL superstar Tim Tebow) takes a look at the importance of family and faith in the midst of challenges. The metaphor of running a race is compared to the spiritual challenge of earning faith, especially during obstacles in life.  In the New Testament of the Bible, the apostle Paul compares keeping the faith as fighti ...[Read More]

Jane and Emma

JANE AND EMMA Family Movie Review

By Trina Boice  WHAT’S JANE AND EMMA ABOUT? Based on the true story of Jane Manning, this touching movie illustrates the sweet friendship between her and Emma Smith, wife of Latter-day Saint prophet Joseph Smith. It’s a story you have probably never heard before, but one that will warm your heart, strengthen your faith, and add greater depth to your knowledge of history.  Jane was one of the first ...[Read More]

I CAN ONLY IMAGINE Family Movie Review

I CAN ONLY IMAGINE Family Movie Review

By Trina Boice WHAT’S I CAN ONLY IMAGINE ABOUT? Imagine what it would be like to walk with Jesus.  That’s the crux of the story line of this movie and the best-selling song by the popular Christian band “Mercy Me.”  Timed perfectly for release during the Easter season, its opening weekend earned an impressive 17.1 million dollars, making it Roadside Attractions' biggest box office debut to date. R ...[Read More]



By Trina Boice Grade: B In a Nutshell: Just in time for the Easter season, this Christian movie brings Paul and Luke, both faithful followers of Jesus Christ, to the big screen with their unique friendship and affirming messages. (Pre-order it here) This PG-13 film is VERY heavy, dark, gory, and even depressing.  In that regard, it's very realistic. The film states at the end that is has been “ded ...[Read More]

TREK Family Movie Review

TREK Family Movie Review

By Henry Ferreyra Trek (rent or buy it here) is another in a long line of LDS movies that have now been released to the masses. The movie features the tag line “a Mormon thing” which made me want to prepare myself for cheesy moments. Although the movie started out weak and a bit contrived, it had a strong finish that surprised me. LDS cinema started off with some great movies like God’s Army and T ...[Read More]

THE STAR Family Movie Review

THE STAR Family Movie Review

By Rachel Wagner It’s always tricky when a studio takes on a religious story. They can go mainstream and risk alienating faith-based viewers, or they can make the film overtly religious and turn off the more secular fans. This Christmas season, Sony Animation has taken on that challenge with their new movie, The Star. Unfortunately, the film gets caught up in the hijinks of an animal road trip mov ...[Read More]

the stray

THE STRAY Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) WHAT’S THE STRAY ABOUT? A man’s life, and relationship with his family, is saved by a stray dog. Autobiographical film from director Mitch Davis (The Other Side of Heaven). IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: B+) While fans of Lassie, Where the Red Fern Grows, and My Dog Skip will definitely find much to enjoy here, one doesn’t have to be a “dog person” or ev ...[Read More]

love, kennedy

LOVE, KENNEDY Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) WHAT’S LOVE, KENNEDY ABOUT? A terminally-ill teen inspires a community with her love and faith in this new film by T.C. Christensen (17 Miracles, Ephraim’s Rescue, The Cokeville Miracle). Based on a true story. Available on Bluray and DVD. IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: A-) To see a T.C. Christensen film in a crowded theater is to experience surround-sou ...[Read More]

ben hur

BEN-HUR Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) WHAT'S BEN-HUR ABOUT? A Jewish prince seeks revenge on the adopted brother who betrayed him into slavery, but encounters with Jesus Christ teach him a better way. IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: C+) Watching the new Ben-Hur is like attending a concert by a decent cover band. The material is familiar and beloved with good reason, the right notes are being ...[Read More]

saturday's warrior

SATURDAY’S WARRIOR Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) WHAT'S SATURDAY'S WARRIOR ABOUT? Several siblings leave heaven for Earth, experiencing together the struggles of mortal life in this musical interpretation of Latter-day Saint doctrine. IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: B) Mainstream audiences are likely unfamiliar with Saturday's Warrior, but for lifelong Mormons the musical is a staple of their culture. P ...[Read More]