pornography a public health crisis

Is Pornography a Public Health Crisis?

   By Jonathan Decker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist On March 11, 2016 I appeared in The HD Radio Show with Bryan Hyde to discuss Utah’s declaration of pornography as a public health crisis. With candor but without vulgarity we discuss the effects of pornography on individuals, couples, families, and communities, and how to make a difference. Of the three-part interview only two are ...[Read More]

amazing married sex

Amazing Married Sex: Myths and Truths

By Jonathan Decker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Have you ever stumbled while speaking in public or fumbled a job interview? Odds are, you were putting too much pressure on yourself to perform. While it’s important to be fully engaged and to give our best efforts, the times when we are relaxed and accepting of imperfection are generally the times that we do our best. This is as tru ...[Read More]

key to sexual fulfillment

The Key to Sexual Fulfillment? It’s Not What Many People Think

By Jonathan Decker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist This article contains a frank, but not crass, discussion of sex and is intended for mature readers.  CHASING AFTER MIRAGES You see the headlines screaming at you from the magazine rack at the grocery store. They say things like “Rock His World Tonight,” and “101 Forbidden Positions to Spice Things Up!” If you check ...[Read More]