Your Team, Like a Happy Family. We’ll Show You How.

Your team is like a family.

Conflict can either fuel its growth or tear you apart.

It can be undone by gossip, idleness, and feuds.

It can also be united, loyal, and driven by the mutual goals.

Relationship skills work much the same in business as in families. The principles are the same. 

Jonathan Decker is not just a licensed family therapist. He's an entrepreneur and a business educator. His trainings are customizable to your company needs.

Trainings Offered

  1. Conflict: Catalyst or Catastrophe

    Become a harmonious unit. Learn how to use conflict to unify, increase understanding, and fuel creativity. Learn how you and your team can meet each other's needs by understanding personalities, values, and motivations. Know how to balance your employees' self-interests with the need for teamwork. Minimize egos and maximize respect. Facilitate camaraderie and healthy competition.

  2. Loyal Customers, Real Relationships. 

    The key to creating loyal, lasting customers who stay with you and gush to their friends about you is the relationship. Learn smart dating practices, as well as skills to make a marriage last, apply to courting clients and keeping them. Keep your customers satisfied so they'll never wander.

  3. Leadership: Inspiring Your Team's Best Work

    As an employer, team leader, or departments head you face everything from unmotivated team members to outright mutiny in the ranks. Learn the difference between being a boss and being a leader. Create an environment in which team members respect you, speak to you directly about concerns and mistakes (instead of hiding them), love coming to work, and are passionate about your company's vision.

Family Systems + Business Sense

We've merged business coaching with family systems concepts. These revolutionary trainings are designed to empower your team to:

1) work together as a harmonious unit

2) create customer loyalty through strong relationships

3) maximize efficiency

4) enhance creativity through conflict

5) balance independence with teamwork

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