EDGE OF TOMORROW Family Movie Review2 min read

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If there's any justice, Edge of Tomorrow will be this summer's word-of-mouth hit. Like Groundhog Day or Source Code, this film features a protagonist who repeats a day over and over until he gets it right (in this case, “getting it right” means thwarting an alien invasion). While the premise may be familiar, the execution by director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs Smith) and the against-type performances by Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt make it unique.

Blunt is excellent as a tough-as-nails military hero. Cruise predictably grows into action-hero mode by the film's second half (which is fine, he does it well), but he's really fun to watch early on when he plays a spineless, confused coward. Bill Paxton steals multiple scenes as a big-headed military officer from Kentucky. Anyone who's seen the trailers knows to expect exciting visuals and thrilling action, but the most pleasant surprise for me was just how funny and emotional the film is. Don't miss this one in theaters.

CONTENT OVERVIEW: Edge of Tomorrow is rated PG-13. It has some mild and moderate profanity as well as a half-uttered f-word (interrupted for comedic effect). Other than Cruise's awkward suggestion that his time-manipulation powers might be sexually-transferable (his offer is denied), there's no innuendo, nudity, or sexuality. There is plenty of battle violence, most of it bloodless, though a closeup of acidic alien blood disintegrating a man's face is rather intense (albeit necessary to the plot).

MESSAGES TO DISCUSS: We may make mistakes over and over and over, but as long as we're sincerely giving our best effort and learning from our mistakes, we can overcome and be triumphant (see Mosiah 26:30). “There are great lessons to be learned from the past, and you ought to learn them so that you do not exhaust your spiritual strength repeating past mistakes and bad choices” (Elder Russell M. Nelson, “Learning the Lessons of the Past,” April 2009 General Conference).

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