Improve Your Family, Your Life, Your Business

Improve Your Family, Your Life, Your Business

Don’t miss out.

Our team members are frequently speaking, teaching, and appearing at events designed to benefit your family and your business. Here’s what’s coming down the pipe.

Date Night Workshop: Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

DIVORCE-PROOF YOUR MARRIAGE! This groundbreaking course will help you to stay together and stay happy while others don’t.

This “date night” couples workshop series covers such vital areas as:

Marriage myths that do more harm than good
Keeping love from dying
Behaviors that lead to divorce (and how to overcome them)
Turning towards each other and not away during conflict
Reducing stress in marriage
How to deal with unsolvable problems
Solving solvable problems.
Parenting and…
The secret sauce: building “love maps” to meet one another’s needs.

Runs four consecutive Friday nights from 6-9 pm. Founded on solid research by Dr. John Gottman. Not faith-based, but compatible with many belief systems.




Business owners, make your company into a family! Jonathan and Alicia moonlight as business coaches for Entrepreneur Simplified*, the organization that helped them to explode Your Family Expert, PLLC and help many more couples, individuals, and families. Learn essentials for marketing, leadership, organization, systematization, and building the ideal team at a two-and-a-half day retreat. New retreats are occurring regularly in Phoenix, AZ and Provo, UT. Learn more here.

*Entrepreneur Simplified and Your Family Expert are unaffiliated.