HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA Family Movie Review1 min read


A lightweight but warm-hearted Halloween movie that's fit for the whole family, Hotel Transylvania is cleverly designed, enjoyably silly, and not the least bit demanding. Adam Sandler lends his voice as Count Dracula, who has long since given up terrorizing and now runs a hotel for monsters deep within a haunted forest. Taking the perspective that horror icons such as Frankenstein's monster and the Wolf-Man are actually loveable and harmless (but persecuted for being different) Dracula's Hotel Transylvania serves as a sanctuary of sorts to protect his friends and beloved daughter from humans. When a backpacker (Andy Samberg, Hot Rod) stumbles into the hotel, the film embarks on an exploration of prejudice and acceptance that's actually quite funny and surprisingly moving. The movie expertly parodies the legends of classic horror monsters (it's impressive just how many of them make an appearance here), and while some of the jokes fall flat, Halloween-loving kids and adults will have a ball.

CONTENT OVERVIEW: Hotel Transylvania is rated PG. It has some potty humor (Frankenstein passes gas, the Wolf-Man's children urinate on furniture) as well as some humorous moments with monsters getting injured (Dracula burns in the sun, Frankenstein belly-flops off the high dive and his body parts float away in opposite directions, zombies light on fire and don't care, etc). A few moments might frighten the smallest of children, but the film's tone is light and nonthreatening.

MESSAGES TO DISCUSS: We should refrain from judging those who are different from us. Often the individuals and groups we fear have much in common with us; there is good in them that we'll notice if we stop to look for it.

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