Kim Handy, Relationship Coach, MS

Kim Handy is a relationship coach, a youth mentor, a family court consultant, a wife, and a mother.


Kim Handy spent her early professional years servicing families with run-away or troubled teens, reconciling them with their parents and helping them to avoid placement in state foster care systems. More recently (on the Island of Kauai) she worked with families referred to her by the state’s Child Protective Service Agency. She taught parents essential relationship basics and coached them, and their children, in applying crucial principles. She labored so that families could remain intact and parents could maintain custody of their children. 
For the past three years, she has spent the early mornings in a before-school program with a group of teens, listening to their struggles and working with them to find productive ways to maneuver their fabulous teen years. She is passionate about serving the teen/young adult population. She has an intense interest in children’s law as it relates to public policy. For the past six years as a private family court consultant she has counseled those involved in litigation regarding the next best step in obtaining desired outcomes. Subjects of her consultation included: divorce, financial modifications and changes in child custody.


Kim Handy earned a master’s degree in Psychology from North Central University, with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Family Science from Brigham Young University.  Over the last thirty years, while home-educating her seven children, she continued her professional education and served the needs of local home school families across the United States. This included leading support groups for parents and teaching workshops at home education conferences. Some of her specialized areas of study and lectures have included: Identifying your Child’s Strengths and Adapting their Educational Plan Forgiveness in Marriage Dealing with Addictions Mentoring the Youth Around Us Helping Teens Feel Connected through Exploration of their Family History Family Finances – A Look into the Marriage Mirror She specializes in coaching individuals and families who are dealing with anxiety, depression and relationship issues stemming from normative transitions. She applies principles adapted from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), as well as Narrative Therapy.


Kim and her husband Steven, (an engineer and electrical resource planner) married and began their family while attending Brigham Young University. They have been married for over thirty years and have seven children along with ten grand-children. Some of their children have been exceptionally gifted and academics came easily to them. These children have gone on to study at universities and graduate in Russian, Family Studies and Mechanical Engineering. Some of their children have struggled scholastically and have not fit any traditional mold. As she’s worked with each individual to explore their strengths and interests, she has found that their specific “mission” begins to unfold. She believes that unconventional solutions are, at times, exactly what is needed to help children reach their potential.
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