LIFE OF THE PARTY Family Movie Review2 min read

By Lindsi Neilson


When her husband unexpectedly files for divorce, Deanna uses the opportunity to go back to college (the same one her daughter attends) and finish her degree.


Despite the negative reviews this movie is getting, my love for Melissa McCarthy led me to go see it. I wasn’t expecting much but ended up being really pleasantly surprised. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking (you will know how the movie ends after watching the first 10 minutes), but it’s a fun and light summer comedy that had me laughing from the start to finish.

McCarthy can pull off a character, and she carries the weight of this movie with some really well-timed one-liners and great physical acting. The other members of the extremely likeable and talented cast (played by Molly Gordon, Gillian Jacobs, Maya Rudolph, Luke Benward, and Adria Arjona) make this a movie worth watching. Honestly, I’d watch this movie just for the scenes Maya Rudolph is in.


Life of the Party is rated PG-13 for sexual material, drug content, and partying. Parents should be aware that there are several scenes where drinking is shown at fraternity parties, and in social situations. There is also a scene where several cast members accidentally eat marijuana laced chocolate and get high. There are a lot of racy jokes and references to sex, and a relationship takes place between a college student and Melissa McCarthy’s character. Sex is referenced a lot, but never shown on screen.


The greatest thing about this movie is the unexpectedly serious messages that grow around the comedy. These messages include the importance of education, female empowerment, and how we should support one another instead of tear each other down.

For a more family-friendly witty female-led comedy, don't miss His Girl Friday. So, so good. Rent or buy it here

Lindsi Neilson currently works for Brigham Young University in the Theatre and Media Arts department, and is a freelance technical director and stage manager for several theatre companies in the Utah Valley area. In her free time she loves photography, stand up paddle-boarding, running 5k’s, reading, spoiling her nieces and nephews, and (you guessed it!) watching movies. For more of Lindsi’s writing visit

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