LOGAN LUCKY Family Movie Review3 min read

By Thomas Olsen


Two brothers enlist the help of a convict to try and pull off a heist during a major NASCAR race. Rent or buy here


Director Steven Soderbergh (the Ocean’s 11 trilogy) is back in the business after taking a few years off, going back to his roots of directing a fun heist movie. Logan Lucky is the story about two brothers who have spent most of their lives experiencing one bad thing after the other. Never being able to really catch a break they decide to take matters into their own hands. What ensues is a funny and entertaining series of events that makes for a good time. Where this movie really stands out is in it’s performances of all the lead characters. Channing Tatum does a fantastic job at creating a down-on-his-luck, but likable, character that you can really get behind and cheer for. Adam Driver (Klyo Ren from Star Wars The Force Awakens) plays Tatum’s brother in the film and gives a performance that is both subtle and forthright. He’s a blast to watch and gives a lot of layers to his character. 

Daniel Craig (aka James Bond) plays completely against type here by playing an incarcerated convict named Joe Bang. It’s a blast to see Craig having so much fun with this role. He’s both funny and charming. The rest of the supporting cast also does a great job. The only one that I felt was a bit over the top was Seth MacFarlane as a British businessman. The southern setting also made for a great back drop for this story to be told on. It loses some points for being a bit slow in parts; it's also not quite as memorable as I think it wants to be. With that said though it’s a very entertaining and enjoyable experience at the movies. It’s a shame that, financially, it’s looking like the film won’t make back its budget. 



Logan Lucky is rated PG-13. There are a few fist fights throughout. One character breaks his nose. Along with that there is also a scene of a prison riot. There are few shots of women wearing revealing clothing. There's one f-word and mild profanities through out. 


Standing by those we love is important, especially when things get hard. Create your own luck, don’t wait for others to do it for you. In order to accomplish our goals many times we need help from others. Family bonds and relationships are important to help us get through the trials we face. 

Daniel Craig steals the show in Logan Lucky, but his turn is James Bond is his claim to fame. See how his films stack up to other Bonds in our 7 Best Films of 007. 

Thomas Olsen is currently a graduate student studying professional counseling. He also hosts a podcast called Superhero MovieCast that focuses on reviewing, analyzing, and discussing the inspiring themes of superhero movies. You can find all the latest episodes on iTunes, or the podcast app! 

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