LORD, SAVE US FROM YOUR FOLLOWERS Family Movie Review1 min read

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic)

The clever title is accompanied by a clever film. Director (and star) Dan Merchant’s fair and thoughtful look at America’s “culture wars” is Exhibit A for the case that documentaries can be as moving, funny, and entertaining (if not more so) than mainstream films. (Buy or rent it here).

Merchant, a Christian himself, sets out to examine the damage inflicted to the Savior’s cause by those who profess belief, but practice hypocrisy and judgment instead of love and service. Equally important, he also investigates how belief in Christ motivates millions to do good and bring healing and hope to others.


Interviewing big names from both the right and the left, using archival footage of famous humanitarians and outspoken celebrities, conducting man-on-the-street interviews organizing a good-natured Family Feud-type contest between believers and secular humanists, and using humorous animation, Lord, Save Us From Your Followers invites the viewer to look for the good in those who do not share their beliefs or values.

Lord, Save Us From Your Followers is an excellent film to watch with teens and up. Rated PG-13 for mild language and mature themes.


Jonathan Decker is the clinical director of Your Family Expert. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist, husband, and father of five. Jonathan earned a masters degree in family therapy from Auburn University as well as a bachelor's degree in clinical psychology from Brigham Young University. He is an actor, author, and television personality. 

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