PACIFIC RIM Family Movie Review2 min read

If there's one thing I've learned from attending so many movies, it's that it's all in the execution. As long as good storytellers are at the helm and the audience can connect with the characters, it doesn't matter how ridiculous a premise is on paper. Pacific Rim, about piloted mega-robots versus giant monsters from the sea, seems on the surface like big-budget Power Rangers episode. In truth, it's a modernized love letter to the Godzilla movies of yesteryear, albeit with a commitment to keeping things interesting between the rather amazing smack-downs.

Although it's true that some of the story is predictable and even cliched, the characters are better-realized and more strongly acted than expected for this type of movie. What's more, director Guillermo del Toro (Pans Labyrinth, Hellboy II) possesses true creative flair, displaying impressive imagination in his creation of the near-future and stunning scale in the action scenes. It's all dumb fun, of course, but it's exceptionally-crafted dumb fun, a crowd-pleasing summer popcorn movie that just may surprise you.

CONTENT OVERVIEW: Pacific Rim is rated PG-13. There is no sex or nudity, but there's one veiled innuendo. There is occasional moderate profanity, but no f-words. There is plenty of rock-em-sock-em action, with robots fighting giant monsters. Sometimes the robots and their pilots are destroyed, at other times the monsters are killed by laser blasts and having body parts severed or torn off. Some people are eaten by monsters and there are some mildly gory looks at monster organs and dead monster bodies.

MESSAGES TO DISCUSS: We are most likely to succeed if our hearts and minds are united with those we work with (Philippians 2:2; Moses 7:18). Our weaknesses can be turned into strengths (Ether 12:27). Offering one's life for others is the highest form of love and heroism (John 15:13).


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