PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR Family Movie Review1 min read

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? The loveable supporting characters from the Madagascar series get their own spinoff, battling an evil octopus (John Malcovich) while the under-appreciated “Private” proves his worth.

IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: B) More witty and less spastic than the films that spawned it, Penguins of Madagascar boasts some legitimately funny one-liners, lovable characters, madcap action, and a talented vocal cast (including John Malkovich and Benedict Cumberbatch). The plot lacks much by way of substance, making this a lesser film than the better offerings of Disney, Pixar, or its own Dreamworks Animation, but it's colorful, well-animated fun that kids will love and parents won't regret. 

CONTENT OVERVIEW: Penguins of Madagascar is rated PG. There are a few mildly crude jokes and innuendos (“Hold onto your coconuts!”). Two male penguins accidentally kiss on the beak; one seems terrified while the other holds the kiss for a few seconds. There's plenty of madcap action, mayhem, and slapstick violence.

MESSAGES TO DISCUSS: Give your friends a chance to prove themselves; often they'll grow into more than who they've been previously. Unchecked jealousy leads to bitterness, which can consume you and keep you from enjoying life. 


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