PITCH PERFECT 2 Family Movie Review2 min read

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? The Bellas seek redemption from an embarrassing incident by competing at the World Acapella Championship.

IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: B+)  I'll keep this simple: if you enjoyed the first film, you're going to enjoy this one. If you didn't, this won't win you over, because it's more of the same. Now, if you're one of those crazy people who enjoy watching sequels without first viewing the original, let me tell you what to expect. You'll get a girl-power movie that doesn't hate on men (which I appreciate), as well as a lot of terrific musical numbers. You'll get sweet, sassy, and lovable characters (some of them one-dimensional, but humorously so).

You'll get humor that sometimes leans too heavily on gross-out jokes, stereotypes, and sexual innuendo, but also plenty of witty one-liners and inspired silliness. It's frequently funny, often predictable, and fairly moving when it aims for it. The returning characters do their thing, while the newcomers (particularly Hailee Steinfeld and Keegan Michael-Key) more than hold their own. A couple of new romances aren't given the time to feel earned, but the performances are so sweet and/or funny that you'll buy them anyway. The film's greatest accomplishment is being a comedy sequel that lives up the original; that rarely happens. Welcome back, Bellas.

CONTENT OVERVIEW: Pitch Perfect 2 is rated PG-13. Like the first film, it has no f-words, but other profanities are sprinkled throughout. There's a fair amount of sexual humor and innuendo, with jokes about female anatomy, a close up of a french kiss (played for laughs), an implied casual sexual relationship, and more. There is obscured rear nudity from a distance, and it is implied that a woman accidentally flashes a crowd. There are also jokes about flatulence, urination, and defacation.

MESSAGES TO DISCUSS: Your talents are best put to use in collaboration with others. If you keep secrets from your friends, they can't help you. The arrogant and proud will ultimately be humbled.

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