THE POST Family Movie Review2 min read

By Lindsi Neilson


Risking their careers and their freedom, Katharine Graham (the first female publisher of a major American newspaper) and colleague Ben Bradlee race to keep up with The New York Times to expose a massive government cover-up. Rent or buy it here.


The Post may be set in the early 1970’s but don’t let that fool you into believing that the story isn’t relevant. Make no mistake it tells an important and timely story. It is a movie that strives to teach you to learn from history in order to prevent past mistakes, and it is admirably depicted.

Politics aside, the story itself is very well told. The pace and editing are excellent, as is the directing and acting. This movie marks the first time Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, and Tom Hanks have collaborated on a project, and they all do the story justice by presenting characters instead of caricatures, Illustrating the themes instead of preaching to the audience, and reminding the world that while we may have fought and won this battle before, the war may is never over. But then, with such and all-star trio, I don’t think anybody expected anything less.

At its very core this movie is a dedication to those who bring the truth to light, as well as the debt we all owe to them for the difficulty they have, and will continue, to face.


The Post is rated PG-13. Some things to be aware of:

  • The opening scene is a battle taking place during the Vietnam War; explosions and gunshots are shown and people die on camera.

  • There are several swear words including the f-word, s-word, hell, a-word, and the G-word.

  • There are several scenes with adults drinking wine, champagne, and hard liquor at parties or receptions. Smoking is also present.


The truth is vital and precious, and should be fought for no matter the cost.

For another dynamic male/female newspaper flick, you can't go wrong with His Girl Friday, with Rosalind Russel and Cary Grant. It's one of the best romantic comedies every made. Have a look, and rent or buy it here

Lindsi Neilson currently works for Brigham Young University in the Theatre and Media Arts department, and is a freelance technical director and stage manager for several theatre companies in the Utah Valley area. In her free time she loves photography, stand up paddle-boarding, running 5k’s, reading, spoiling her nieces and nephews, and (you guessed it!) watching movies. For more of Lindsi’s writing visit

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