A QUIET PLACE Family Movie Review4 min read

By Trina Boice

Grade: A-

Rating: PG-13,
90 minutes

In a Nutshell 

We all fell in love with John Krasinski when he first appeared in the hit TV show The Office He has since gone on to show us his action hero chops in movies like 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and his creativity as a producer of “Lip Sync Battle.” This is now his third time directing and I'm convinced he will continue to bring us things that are fresh and intriguing.

If this movie were a typical “talking” horror movie, it wouldn’t have been nearly as frightening.  The tension and suspense are magnified in the silence. (Rent or buy A Quiet Place here)

Tips for parents:

There are a lot of subtitles kids will need to read, as all of the characters communicate with sign language.  You might even get to learn a few signs by watching the movie.  Millicent Simmonds, who plays Regan Abbott, is actually deaf in real life. This is her second movie; her first was Wonderstruck. It didn’t make sense to me that Regan Abbott (the deaf daughter) would even need a hearing aid in a world where silence is what keeps people alive. Interestingly, it’s her hearing aid that becomes an important part of the story. 

Another movie that uses sign language and is currently in theaters nationwide is Rampage.  My niece learned American Sign Language and later married a deaf man who has a cochlear implant, like the one seen in this “silent” movie. It’s so wonderful to see capable deaf people portrayed in films.  Every time I saw a trailer for this movie, the audience would get completely silent and you could feel the tension in the theater within seconds.  That’s how gripping this movie is.

The alien monsters are pretty scary looking.  Children are constantly in perilous situations.  You’ll see bloody, dead bodies.  You also see a pregnant woman's “water” break and later you see blood when she's getting ready to give birth in a bath tub.  There are guns and some violence.

Uplifting theme: 

Family, unity, sacrifice, resourcefulness


Things that are good:

I loved seeing John Krasinski and his lovely, talented wife Emily Blunt in a movie together.  (I can’t wait to see her in the upcoming Mary Poppins!)  More often than not, horror movies have a lot of characters so that people can be killed off. The result is usually that we don’t care about them. In this movie, however, we’re only given one family and we become quickly invested in them. I always get annoyed by the dumb choices characters usually make in horror movies, but this family is pretty smart and has figured out how to live in a silent world.  I like that this movie starts on Day 89 after the alien invasion happened, so the family has developed a certain rhythm of living in a silent world.  It would have been a much different movie if it had shown the chaotic events of Day 1. Not knowing many details about how the aliens arrived on earth added to the suspense and intrigue. 

Watching the movie together as a family could be a great way to begin a conversation about your family’s emergency preparedness!  Talk about how well prepared you are and how you can step up your efforts.  Remember, being self-reliant and “prepared” isn’t only about food storage. Whether we prepare for a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, job loss, health challenge, or anything else, it’s crucial that we take the time to plan ahead to ensure our families are safe, healthy, and happy.

Things that aren’t so good:

There are some little details that might annoy you as you watch the movie, so just don’t worry about them.  You’ll have questions at the end too, but don’t worry about those either.  Just enjoy the fun ride!  If you watch this in a theater, PLEASE be quiet so that everyone else in the theater can enjoy the power of the silent experience.

Another great creature feature about a family fighting for their lives (albeit with a much funnier tone) is Eight-Legged Freaks! For fans of Gremlins, Tremors, and Arachnophobia. Rent or buy it here

Trina Boice is an author of 23 books and teaches online for BYU-Idaho in the Pathway program.  She received the Young Mother of the Year honor in 2004, an award that completely amuses her 4 sons. She’s a popular international speaker in China and writes movie reviews at www.MovieReviewMom.com. You can find her books on Amazon, and at www.TrinasBooks.com

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