Relationships are Life. Strengthen Yours.

The Your Family Expert  team has taken the core principles we teach individuals, couples and families and have streamlined them into relationship courses to better fit your needs and busy schedule. Each course is divided into lessons that can be done in 10-15 minutes. From these lessons you’ll learn quick, actionable items you can do today to strengthen your relationships.

There are 4 core courses we call “Relationship Foundations.” We recommend everyone starts with these foundational principles.

  • Fight Less, Connect More
  • 4 Personalities
  • Love Languages and
  • Family Councils

From there you can take courses that fit your specific needs, such as:

  • Marriage Foundations
  • Successful Step-families
  • Healing from Infidelity
  • Hope After Divorce
  • Grief
  • Parenting
  • Dating
  • and more

For a low monthly fee you can enjoy package deals on counseling and the courses in the Your Family Expert tribe.

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You’ve said things that have hurt a loved one. They’ve done things that hurt you. Perhaps you’ve grown apart. Sometimes it feels so hopeless. This course will give you the skills to use conflict to grow closer. Learn about controlling anger, the power of vulnerability, and how to empathize with someone you disagree with. Know how to manage criticism and defensiveness. Improve intimacy, healing, and connection.
The people you adore can also drive you crazy. Sometimes you struggle to get your needs met, or to meet those of a loved one. Resolving conflict and connecting with someone vastly different from you can be a real challenge. The solutions to these common struggles lie in understanding personality. This course unlocks the secrets.
Is your life, your marriage, or your family disorganized? Do you feel like you’re not meeting your goals, on the same page with loved ones, or that those you care about are in danger of slipping away? This course takes you through the inspired family councils system, which will help you to build your best self and solidify your relationships.
Gary Chapman’s seminal book “The 5 Love Languages” has improved countless relationships. In this course Jonathan pulls from that text, along with his own experiences as a licensed marriage and family therapist, to help you understand how your partner, your children, and others give and receive affection, and how to get them to “speak your language” as well.
Love can be fragile. How do you marry the right person and make it last? Whether you’re married, single, dating, or engaged, this course will give you the essentials to pick well, stay best friends, communicate, evolve together, maintain passion, and resolve conflict over kids, money, and sex. Get the foundation on which to build a lasting, thriving union.
There is hope, even if it doesn’t feel that way. This course, combined with therapy, is the best combination for helping your marriage heal and thrive.
Blended families face all the challenges of first-marriage families plus a host of unique struggles. Licensed therapist Jonathan Decker is a member of multiple step-families. Combining his experience with the latest research, he’ll guide you through the process of mourning divorce or death, dealing with exes, winning the trust of stepchildren, creating new traditions and rules while honoring the old ones, and much more! This course is essential for all who are in (or soon will be) a blended family.
For many, a crumbling marriage is devastating… but it doesn’t have to be. You can face the future with hope and confidence. You can heal. Our revolutionary course will empower you to deal with grief, get emotionally healthy, navigate legal and financial pitfalls, co-parent harmoniously, smartly develop new relationships, and reinvent your life.
Pain is the price we pay for love. You’re hurting right now. While it’s awful, it’s also how you know it meant something. It was real. Maybe you want the agony to stop. Or perhaps you don’t want to let it go, as if healing disrespects how much your loved one means to you. This course is designed to help you through the grieving process so that you can honor the departed, always remember him or her, while experiencing the peace they would want for you.
You want your children to grow up to be people of kindness, wisdom, and integrity. But there seems to be a thousand ways for parenting to go wrong. These keys will help you to avoid the pitfalls so many parents fall into. Stop the power struggles and the battles for control. Nurture your children’s ability to choose wisely and discover who they really are.
When it comes to new love, how can you know the good ones from the “wolves in sheep’s clothing?” Can you really know someone before giving your heart to them? How will you prevent hormones and loneliness from clouding your judgment? How can you ever trust again? This course will help you to avoid relationship predators, recognize a good match, and be confident in the meantime.