Family Review: THE LEGO MOVIE 2 is a Worthy Sequel4 min read

By Trina Boice


Fast-moving and quick-witted, this The Lego Movie sequel has plenty of laughs for kids and their parents.  It’s definitely helpful to have seen the first movie, but young kids won’t necessarily care.  Like the original, it includes plenty of references to pop culture, other movies, cartoon characters, famous athletes and celebrities, people in history, musicians, and even Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  It has some musical numbers and is well aware that the song “Everything Is Awesome!” from the first movie got stuck in our heads. It’ not as great as the first The Lego Movie, but good enough.

In this adventure, the familiar lead characters battle other Lego creatures from afar to save their planet.  The last ten minutes show deep maturity and teach an important life lesson, similar to the tone of Inside Out.  Emmet learns “Everything’s not awesome, but we can make it a little more awesome if we remember we’re not alone in this world. We’re in it together.” To be honest, I was getting a little bored and thought the movie was just silly until the movie slowed down and showed some depth.


Yes.  The talented leads are Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks, with Will Arnett as Batman coming in at a very close, and hilarious, third place.  Gotham City Guys song mentions every actor who has ever played Batman in a movie.  They all seem to be able to laugh at themselves and offer a very playful experience.  The line that pokes fun at some of the big roles Chris Pratt has played over the years in other movies made me laugh out loud. It refers to the new character named Rex, who is also voiced by Chris Pratt, along with the main character, Emmit from the first movie.  

Jason Momoa voices Aquaman, appropriately, but Wonder Woman is not voiced by Gal Gadot. Instead, it’s Cobie Smulders from the hit TV show How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Series.  She also voiced Wonder Woman in the first The Lego Movie. There are actually 3 different versions of Wonder Woman Legos in this movie: Mini-fig, Lego friends, and Duplo.  It’s super clever to make baby characters out of the Duplo Lego blocks. Even Emmet said, “Oh, that’s just adorable.”  

Other voice talents include Channing Tatum, Ralph Fiennes, Jonah Hill, Will Forte, and Richard Ayoade.  I loved the Bruce Willis cameo when he said, “I spend a lot of time in air ducts.” Other voice cameos playing themselves are Gary Payton and Sheryl Swoopes.  Fun fact: Stephanie Beatriz, who voices the character “Sweet Mayhem” actually has a scar on her face from when she tripped on a Lego as a little girl. True story.  I thought it was funny to see Maya Rudolph (playing the mom) step on some Legos and compare the pain to that of childbirth. What parent hasn’t stepped on those sharp bricks and threatened to vacuum them all up?

There are tons of little tie-ins to the first The Lego Movie. For example, at the end of this movie, Will Ferrell (the dad) yells downstairs to his wife, “Honey, where are my pants?” which is Emmet’s favorite TV show in the first The Lego Movie. Ha ha

There is a comment about Marvel “not returning our calls”, which must have actually happened in real life because there are no Marvel or Star Wars characters in this Lego movie, unlike the first one, probably because Disney bought the rights. The doggone legal department ruined the fun.


One of the messages is to not be cheerful like Emmit, but instead, to be tough like Rex. Emmit tries to “brood” in order to be cool and accepted. Along those lines, the movie also makes fun of music and sends a message that listening to happy music is uncool.  Don’t worry though, the lessons taught during the end of the movie correct those ideas. Hopefully, your kids will understand the mistaken ideas. Parents will love the message to kids about playing together nicely.

Legos are in perilous situations in the movie and there is some name-calling, but no profanity.  Yay!


The main themes involve growing up, loneliness, changing yourself and other people.  It takes a long time for Chris Pratt’s character and the audience to see the important lessons after the adventure.  Some insightful things Emmit says are:

  • “You are just as special as we are.”
  • “It’s easy to harden your heart, but to open it is the toughest thing you can do.”
  • “I’m going to grow up, but I won’t stop caring about the people in my life. I might see things differently, but that’s not bad. I think it’s inspiring.”

Trina Boice is an author of 23 books and teaches online for BYU-Idaho in the Pathway program.  She received the Young Mother of the Year honor in 2004, an award that completely amuses her 4 sons. She’s a popular international speaker in China and writes movie reviews at You can find her books on Amazon, and at

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