SAN ANDREAS Family Movie Review2 min read

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? An emergency rescue pilot races to aid his daughter and his estranged wife when a record-breaking earthquake hits California.

IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: B-) I don't know why disaster movies almost-universally feature hackneyed characters, eye-rolling melodrama, laughably bad dialogue, and predictable narrative beats, but San Andreas is as guilty as the rest of them. There's even a one-note villain who exists solely to get his comeuppance. Fortunately, the cast (including Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, and Paul Giamatti) is charismatic enough to make you care about the outcome and the action will definitely get your pulse racing. The visuals and sound are incredible and demand an immersive theatrical experience. I also appreciated that the women here are smart and capable, not damsels-in-distress. San Andreas may not be smart, but it's undeniably exhilarating.

CONTENT OVERVIEW: San Andreas is rated PG-13. Other than a brief scene of a young woman in a bikini and a few shots with cleavage, there is no sensuality. There's one f-word, 7-8 s-words, and a few other profanities sprinkled here and there. Millions die in earthquakes and a tsunami; we see some swept away and others crushed by debris. A man a piece of re-bar stabs a man through the foot. A woman drowns on-camera. 

MESSAGES TO DISCUSS: Do not carry your pain alone; open up to the ones you love, it'll bring you closer together. You can do incredible amounts of good if you won't give up. Being prepared (with supplies and knowledge) can save your life and that of others. 

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