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Family Review: Despite Huge Budget, ALADDIN Looks Cheap

Family Review: Despite Huge Budget, ALADDIN Looks Cheap

Republished with permission from The Movie Mom.  By Trina Boice WHAT'S ALADDIN ABOUT? It’s been about five minutes, so what does that mean? Time for another Disney live-action remake!  (Wink.) This version of the 1992 animated musical Aladdin was directed by Guy Ritchie, who wanted to make a children’s film for his five kids. He admits he’s always been compelled by stories about street hustlers. A ...[Read More]



By Tim Wilde What's Ralph Breaks the Internet About? On his journey to become true hero, Wreck-It Ralph first broke the young Princess Vanellope’s heart and then he saved her game by breaking Diet Cola Mountain (I cried in both scenes). Now, Ralph and Vanellope are back in their sequel to once again save the arcade game Sugar Rush… by breaking stuff; Hence the title, Ralph Breaks the Internet. Six ...[Read More]

rogue one

ROGUE ONE Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Clinical director, LMFT, film critic) WHAT'S ROGUE ONE ABOUT? Disney's first Star Wars spin-off film (read: not a Skywalker “episode”) is part heist movie, part war film as Rebel forces steal the plans to the Death Star. IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: A) At this point one can look at the Star Wars franchise as a series of individual films or as one giant story; I prefer th ...[Read More]

Overlooked Gem: SERENITY (2005)

Overlooked Gem: SERENITY (2005)

When Marvel Studios needed someone to write and direct next summer’s highly-anticipated The Avengers (i.e. the film that unites Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, and Captain America), they didn’t turn to a seasoned filmmaking veteran. Instead, they chose Joss Whedon, a man with only one feature-length film under his belt. However, those who’ve seen that one film, 2005’s Serenity, know that Whedon is exact ...[Read More]

transformers: dark of the moon


TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON (Grade: C+ ) REVIEW: The third movie in director Michael Bay's Transformers trilogy is a vast improvement from the second, a film that so relentlessly and senselessly barraged my senses and pummeled my intellect that I left the theater feeling like I'd just lost a boxing match. I literally hated that film, so although it's faint praise to say that this film restores ...[Read More]