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Family Review: TOY STORY 4 is Worthy of What Came Before

By Trina Boice Reprinted with permission from Movie Review Mom.  WHAT'S TOY STORY 4 ABOUT? Our favorite toys are back together again in Toy Story 4, 24 years after the original Toy Story hit theaters to instant, raving fans. How does this franchise consistently pump out one fantastic film after another? Disney and Pixar’s magical formula has done it again. Former Chief Creator Director of Disney J ...[Read More]

CARS 3 Family Movie Review

CARS 3 Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) Rent or buy  Cars 3 here. WHAT’S CARS 3 ABOUT? After finding himself outpaced by younger racers, Lightning McQueen stages a comeback. IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: B) Rebounding from the abysmal Cars 2, this finale bring the story full circle to the things that made the underrated first film so meaningful: charm, heart, and inspiration. A few laugh-out- ...[Read More]

cars 2

CARS 2 Family Movie Review

 CARS 2 (Grade: C)     REVIEW: The first Cars film is, I think, unfairly maligned by critics and some Pixar fans who consider it to be one of the studio's lesser efforts. While I wasn't very impressed by it initially, repeat viewings for my master's thesis warmed me to its earnest morality, nostalgia for small-town America, and charming characters. This average sequel scraps most of what made the ...[Read More]