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logan lucky

LOGAN LUCKY Family Movie Review

By Thomas Olsen WHAT’S LOGAN LUCKY ABOUT?  Two brothers enlist the help of a convict to try and pull off a heist during a major NASCAR race.  IS IT ANY GOOD? (B+)  Director Steven Soderbergh (the Ocean’s 11 trilogy) is back in the business after taking a few years off, going back to his roots of directing a fun heist movie. Logan Lucky is the story about two brothers who have spent most of t ...[Read More]

hail caesar

HAIL, CAESAR Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) WHAT’S HAIL, CAESAR! ABOUT? A 1950’s Hollywood fix-it man (Josh Brolin) ponders a career change while working overtime to rescue a kidnapped star (George Clooney) and cover-up multiple scandals. IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: C+) I was ready to love Hail, Caesar! Between the star power of the actors and the writing-directing skill of The Coen ...[Read More]

the vow

THE VOW Family Movie Review

REVIEW (Grade: A-) Your enjoyment of The Vow will depend entirely upon your taste when it comes to bittersweet, tear-jerking love stories. If you don’t like them, nothing here will convert you. Being something of a romantic myself, I must concede that this film does very well what it sets out to do. Rachel McAdams, who is becoming the modern queen of this genre, brings a fine balance of char ...[Read More]