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october baby

OCTOBER BABY Family Movie Review

OCTOBER BABY review (Grade: A-) By Jonathan Decker Conveying several poignant messages with handsome production values and solid acting, October Baby emerges as an early

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mighty macs

THE MIGHTY MACS Family Movie Review

THE MIGHTY MACS REVIEW (GRADE: C) By Jonathan Decker Bogged down by an abundance of sports-movie cliches, occasionally flat dialogue, and uneven direction, the women’s

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REDEMPTION Family Movie Review

REDEMPTION (AKA FOR ROBBING THE DEAD) REVIEW (GRADE: A-)   By Jonathan Decker Like Saints and Soldiers before it, Redemption is a gritty and realistic offering from

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COURAGEOUS Family Movie Review

COURAGEOUS REVIEW (Grade: B+)   Courageous is the latest film from Sherwood Pictures, the Christian film studio responsible for uplifting faith-based fare such as Facing the

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soul surfer

SOUL SURFER Family Movie Review

GRADE: B Christian cinema has been gaining traction in recent years, and with box-office dollars comes increased production values and bigger-name actors. Fortunately what matters

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