nativity story

Overlooked Gem: THE NATIVITY STORY (2006)

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) I absolutely love this film, not merely because it tells a story that's central to my beliefs, but because it tells it so well. The Nativity Story is a spiritually edifying film with a keen sense of historical insight, emotional authenticity, and scriptural accuracy. Indeed the only minor change I noted was that the three wise men arrive the night ...[Read More]

states of grace

Overlooked Gem: STATES OF GRACE (2005)

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) Elf. A Christmas Story. Home Alone. It's a Wonderful Life. Miracle on 34th Street. The movies we watch around the holidays get us in the yuletide mood and often lift our spirits. Though I'm a fan of all those films and more, there's a nagging problem: most of our beloved Christmas movies have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. One overlooked gem hel ...[Read More]

arthur christmas

ARTHUR CHRISTMAS Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) ARTHUR CHRISTMAS REVIEW (GRADE: A-) If given the chance, this latest film from Aardman Studios (Chicken Run, Wallace and Gromit, the underrated Flushed Away) will be a new Christmas classic. Arthur Christmas combines a wicked sense of humor with a warm heart, a balance nicely brought to life by the vocal talents of some of Britain's finest actors. ...[Read More]