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DUNKIRK Family Movie Review (Thomas)

Review by Thomas Olsen WHAT’S DUNKIRK ABOUT? Allied soldiers in Europe are surrounded by the German army with little hope of surviving.  IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE A) Dunkirk is an unconventional but striking war film. It’s both inspiring and horrific. While other war films tend to depict the gore and violence of war, Dunkirk goes the route of letting you feel what it’s like to be stuck in the h ...[Read More]



REVIEW (GRADE: B+) Neither as sharply focused nor as gripping as the two films that preceded it, this nearly three-hour finale suffers from pacing issues, some unclear dialogue, and a choppy first hour, but finds its footing to close out the trilogy with heart, plenty of action, and some terrific performances. If you thought 2008’s The Dark Knight was too dark or sadistic, you’ll find ...[Read More]

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INCEPTION Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) Striking a truly impressive balance between engaging the mind, the heart, and the heart rate, Inception is the first movie since The Dark Knight that I wanted to see again the very next day (no coincidence since they were made by the same person). It has been said that Hollywood relies too much on special effects to cover lazy storytelling; not so ...[Read More]

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THE DARK KNIGHT is a Powerful Morality Tale

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) Author’s note: In 2008 a review published in Meridian Magazine called The Dark Knight an immoral celebration of chaos and nihilism. I wrote a rebuttal in the comments section, which Meridian asked me to flesh out into this article. Thus began my hobby of film-reviewing, as well as my place as a regular columnist for that publication. Quite t ...[Read More]

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THE DARK KNIGHT Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) Though this film deserves a very long review, as I have so much to say about it, what more needs to be said than has already been mentioned by the nation’s critics, who have contributed to The Dark Knight‘s whopping 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes? Some are saying it’s better than Batman Begins, director Chris Nolan’s first f ...[Read More]