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phantom of the opera

Overlooked Gem: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (2004)

By Jonathan Decker Scary but beautiful, lavish but intimate, Gaston Leroux's tragic story of The Phantom of the Opera, as channeled through the vision of playwright Andrew Lloyd Webber, has moved and frightened audiences around the world for over 20 years. The key in its appeal lies in its ability to evoke both sympathy and terror towards its title character, a musical prodigy who has endured lone ...[Read More]

john carter

JOHN CARTER Family Movie Review

JOHN CARTER REVIEW (GRADE: C+) In 1912 the character of John Carter was created by famed novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of Tarzan. The hero, a Civil War veteran transported to the planet Mars, has inspired everything from Superman to Buck Rogers to Star Wars. Modern audiences who have no knowledge of the character will find that this new Disney film feels more like a cocktail of Avatar, Sta ...[Read More]

woman in black

THE WOMAN IN BLACK Family Movie Review

THE WOMAN IN BLACK REVIEW (Grade: B+) The good grade I give to The Woman in Black is not necessarily to be confused with a recommendation, though for some it will be. The film is dark, frightening, and deeply disturbing. Those who like scary movies will find much to enjoy here: I would describe its tone and style as a mix of The Grudge and The Others. Fans curious to see star Daniel Radcliffe's fi ...[Read More]

nativity story

Overlooked Gem: THE NATIVITY STORY (2006)

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) I absolutely love this film, not merely because it tells a story that's central to my beliefs, but because it tells it so well. The Nativity Story is a spiritually edifying film with a keen sense of historical insight, emotional authenticity, and scriptural accuracy. Indeed the only minor change I noted was that the three wise men arrive the night ...[Read More]