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Can Conflict Actually Bring You Closer Together?

Click here for your FREE online lessons (described in video). By Jonathan Decker (Clinical Director, LMFT) We all have the need to feel connected, to feel loved and accepted, and to give our support and affection to others. Sadly sweetness can turn to bitterness in our friendships, families, work partnerships, and romantic relationships. We sometimes wonder how it all went wrong and how to connect ...[Read More]

4 Ways to Handle Your Spouse Changing from Jekyll to Hyde

4 Ways to Handle Your Spouse Changing from Jekyll to Hyde

By Jonathan Decker, Clinical Director, LMFT We’ve all experienced it, the “Jekyll-and-Hyde Syndrome,” in which a normally decent partner, friend, or family member turns into an irrational dolt and/or grumpy monster. We feel frustrated when they won’t listen to reason, hurt when they lash out, and confused when they make choices we don’t agree with. In life and in my therapy practice, I’ve fo ...[Read More]


Do Your Relationships Need Less Conflict… Or More Love?

Many believe that their relationships need less fighting and withdrawing, but what they really need is more affection.


Will Your Marriage Last? This Could Make All the Difference

By Jonathan Decker, Clinical Director, LMFT Terminal illnesses are treated most effectively when they are caught early. Patients who resist a trip to the doctor and put it off often wish that they hadn't. Disease often does the most damage when it's left unchecked over time. This is also true of marital problems and marriage counseling. While many things can certainly be resolved and healed betwee ...[Read More]

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You Just Want to Be Heard, He Wants to “Fix It.” Why Not Both?

By Jonathan Decker, (Clinical Director, LMFT) You've likely seen the hilarious YouTube video “It's Not About the Nail,” about the wife with a nail in her forehead, telling her husband about the pressure and pain she constantly feels. He suggests that she get the nail removed and grows frustrated when she insists that “it's not about the nail,” wanting him to validate her fe ...[Read More]