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Family Review: TOLKIEN is Simultaneously Fascinating and Boring

By Trina Boice Republished with permission from The Movie Review Mom.  GRADE:  B IN A NUTSHELL:   I was excited to learn more about Tolkien and really hoped this movie would be good.   As an author of 29 books, I’m always fascinated to learn more about other authors. I loved learning some of the small details of Tolkien’s early life that influenced his work.  Personally, I couldn’t get through his ...[Read More]

MIRROR, MIRROR Family Movie Review

MIRROR, MIRROR Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) GRADE: C Inconsistent in tone and occasionally boring, Tarsem Singh's updated Snow White fable Mirror Mirror is redeemed somewhat by likable performances and occasional bursts of genuine creativity and humor. The largest problem with Mirror Mirror is that it can't seem to decide what it is. At times it feels like a winking, self-aware, postmodern ...[Read More]

the blind side family movie review

THE BLIND SIDE Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) My expectations were low for The Blind Side, a film whose trailer rubbed me the wrong way. I’m all for inspirational films, but this one looked like an overcooked, manipulative tearjerker with Sandra Bullock stepping way outside of her comfort zone to play a Good Samaritan Southern Belle who helps a struggling black teen with a painful past. I was ...[Read More]