meaning of your life

What is the Meaning of Your Life?

By Jonathan Decker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist When it comes to our suffering, our experiences, and our lives, we often get hung up on the question: “What does this mean? Why is this happening to me? What am I supposed to learn from this?” Cosmic purposes and divine designs are issues for theology and philosophy, and interpretations and beliefs are so varied that I won̵ ...[Read More]


Why Pitying Bullies Decreases Their Power

By Jonathan Decker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist In the 2007 film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, our hero finds himself in a confrontation with his parents’ murderer, Voldemort, an evil wizard so terrifying that people dare not say his name. Harry has dreaded this moment, which is something his adversary takes full advantage of. Voldemort possesses Harry&# ...[Read More]

suffering helps us help others

How Suffering Helps Us to Help Others

By Jonathan Decker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist “Whatever the sorrow, whatever the concern, whatever the pain and anguish, look for a way to turn it to beneficial use- perhaps in helping others to avoid the same problems, or perhaps by developing a greater insight into the feelings of others who are struggling in a similar way.” – Howard W. Hunter, respected theologian ...[Read More]

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17 MIRACLES Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) WHAT’S 17 MIRACLES ABOUT? Trailblazer Levi Savage leads a group of Mormon pioneers on a life-and-death trek across the United States, with tragedies and miracles along the way. IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: A-) 17 Miracles not only stands among the best of the genre, it may be the best film yet from Mormon cinema. It is a moving, faith-inspiring a ...[Read More]