Your Partner Betrayed You. Should You Be Done?

Your Partner Betrayed You. Should You Be Done?

By Jonathan Decker (Clinical Director, LMFT) Get answers. Get support. Sign up for our free “How to Heal From Infidelity” class here. Your world's been upended. Most likely, you believed (or at least hoped) that your spouse was reserving the romantic and sexual sides of themselves for you and your marriage, only to discover that that's not true. He or she wasn't true to you. There was a secret phy ...[Read More]


Forgiveness Doesn’t Mean Trust

By Jonathan Decker, Clinical director, LMFT There seems to be a widespread belief, especially among those who've hurt others, that with forgiveness comes a restoration of trust. In other words, if the offended individual doesn't trust the offender and resume the same relationship with them, then the offended has not truly forgiven. Nothing could be further from the truth. Forgiveness is nothing mo ...[Read More]

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4 Ways to Avoid Abusive Relationships

Four keys to help you date smart and avoid jerks.