out of liberty

Family Review: OUT OF LIBERTY is a Gritty, Inspiring True-Story Western

By Jonathan Decker WHAT’S OUT OF LIBERTY ABOUT? Weary jailer Samuel Tillery is tasked with protecting Joseph Smith and other Latter-day Saint prisoners in Liberty Jail until they can get a fair trial, a job made difficult by angry mobs who want the men dead. IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: A) Between Out of Liberty, The Fighting Preacher, The Other Side of Heaven 2, and last year’s Jane and Emma, Latter-d ...[Read More]

magnificent seven


By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic) WHAT'S THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN ABOUT? A town hires seven warriors to defend them from an oppressive tyrant. Remake of the 1960 film (which was itself a remake of Seven Samurai). IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: B) Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt lead a diverse cast of heroes in this hard-hitting Western. Only a few characters have any depth; the supporting ...[Read More]

true grit

TRUE GRIT Family Movie Review

By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic)   I'm not a believer in being a fan of genres in and of themselves or, conversely, disregarding a film due to the same. I believe every type of film can offer a rewarding movie-watching experience, rendering the genre of movie irrelevant. It doesn't matter if it's romance, action, comedy, drama, science fiction, martial arts, musical…what ma ...[Read More]