Thomas Olsen, Coach

thomas olsen
Thomas is a behavior coach, a graduate student studying counseling, a father, husband, and a podcast host.


Thomas started his career working in marketing and sales. While in college he worked for a small organization where he learned to love small business. After graduating from college he then worked for a social media marketing startup doing sales training. While he enjoyed his job and had a strong passion for small business he never felt like it was the right fit. After a lot praying and long chats with family and friends he realized that he needed to go back to school to fulfill his dream of becoming a therapist. He is now currently finishing up his Masters in Professional Counseling at Grand Canyon University in Arizona. He plans to focus on helping distant couples, improving relationships, sexual addictions, trauma, and adoptive families. Along with being a student, Thomasalso works as behavior coach where he provides in-home behavioral coaching to children, adolescents, and families. Throughout his time in school, he has also worked as a coach helping men with sexual addictions.


In May of 2014, Thomas graduated from Arizona State University with his Bachelors in Communication. He began his master degree in Professional Counseling in 2015. He is currently in the final stretch of completing his masters and becoming licensed. Throughout his graduate studies, he has done extensive research on couples therapy, sexual addictions, and adoptive families. Along with that he has become very familiar with cognitive behavioral therapy and plans to incorporate it into his work as a therapist.


Thomas currently resides in Mesa, AZ with his family. He comes from a large family and has lived most of his life in Arizona. After high school, he went on a two-year mission for his church to Brisbane Australia. Throughout his mission, he was able to meet and learn more about all different kinds of culture from all across the world. These experiences of interacting with others created a desire to want to help others.
After his mission, he met his wife, Taylor and they were married in 2011. His relationship with his wife is one of the most important things to him. Together they have experienced many different hardships that have helped them understand each other better and create a desire to help other couples find happiness together. Recently they began their family by adopting a beautiful baby girl. Through this process he has a strong desire to help other families through the adoption process.
Along with being passionate about helping others through therapy, Thomas is also passionate about football, exercising, reading, writing, and movies (especially superhero films). He currently hosts a podcast called Superhero MovieCast that focuses on reviewing, analyzing, and discussing the inspiring themes of superhero movies.